Tuesday, August 28, 2007

for some reason

For some reason it is easier to relax now. I just finished a novel, and though it was a short one, it's the first one i've read since . . . um, i think March? Yikes. It was good to read. i really like having our own room, a space that can be fit for adults, not a babe. Owen's room is lovely and completely suited for his playing needs. He really loves being able to play with everything and go in every corner. He's been such a fabulously fun boy; he is in love with Ben and Jen, he imitates and copies when he wants to (from making noises to opening cupboards), and he is closer and closer to walking all the time. No first step yet, but he likes to test his balance by letting go of whatever was his support, and feeling what it is like to be completely surrounded by air.

I start work next Wednesday, Ry has his first class Thursday night. This vacation is soon coming to a close. So sad, but following routine will be good, at least for the first while.