Wednesday, May 30, 2007

an entry about compost.

Owen and I brought the compost out today. This task often gets pushed off again and again, which only worsens how I feel about doing it. But, Owen and went on a rainy adventure in the wagon to take out the compost. He wore his great rain jacket from Joel and we both stayed quite dry on this warm-rain spring day. The air was wet with the smell of dirt and earthworms, it was invigorating. I think Owen enjoyed the rain. It was the perfect rainfall to be out in; soft, warm droplets, slowly dropping and perfectly interspersed. We had a good time and making the stinky job of taking out the compost into a rainy day adventure improved this chore, not to mention vetoing the part of rinsing the pail! I put it under our roof drip and tomorrow we'll be all set with a freshened compost pail.

Here is Owen loving the rain!

This is the garden to date - that's horse manure, soon to be spread out. I was going to work on that this afternoon but the rain came instead. Soon . . . then we'll seed. All before this weekend, I hope. It really needs to be done!

This is a video from the roadtrip in Maine.

Friday, May 25, 2007

eastern shore of maine

Well we're back from our trip to Portland, Maine. It was, given the circumstances, a lovely time. We had to leave early Saturday to get our car into the shop . . in Bangor, because that was the only place we could find, closest to us, that was open and able to service our car. So instead of driving back home we headed down the coast for a relaxing couple of days on the ocean.

It truly was relaxing and beautiful. Neither of us had been along the Maine coast, so it was a treat. The reason for our trip, to get my fingerprints re-scanned for immigration, went well as far as we know. We'll get a notice in the mail if, yet again, my prints aren't 'good enough'. Whatever that means. Hopefully everything is fine because it's too big of a trip to do again!

Ry has started his training for his job in Calais at the Children's Project. Unfortunately, his first day was the day Owen had his consultation with his Urologist regarding his upcoming surgery. So Ry went off to his first day of training, and Owen and I went to Saint John. The appointment went well, nearly all our questions were answered. We can have Owen in for surgery as early as the end of June, which will allow us to have this taken care of before we head out on our vacation. The surgery itself is a one step deal, then there is a follow up check up at one week, and again at six weeks. We'd want Owen to be healed up before going away. So this was great news.

Ry's training has been going well. He's on his third day of it now, and he comes home tired, as it's a lot of information to take in. Next he'll be shadowing someone, which means he'll get to see what shift will be best suited for him and our family (he has to try each shift).

Owen has three teeth on top now! He did so well on our roadtrip. He would play quietly in his carseat for definitely an hour, possibly two but then he'd either want out or he'd go to sleep. He did great sleeping in motels, too. We just put a blanket over the crib and then we could have the lights on and talk, or watch tv. We were impressed and grateful!

I think that's about it for now.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I have been meaning to post for a while . . . here it is.

It has been fun having Ry around all day, without course work to do, or a lot of books to read and write on. Ry and Mat Rouleau have worked on the garden quite a bit. They've turn the sod and tilled the ground up. Now we need to work in compost and plant! We're excited. Ry and I haven't decided what we will plant yet, but we'll figure that out soonish.

Owen's top teeth have broken through. He is still quite upset by then, though. He isn't eating so well right now; he's fussy about when he has the bottle and he tends not to eat for long periods of time. This happened last time his teeth came through. He hasn't been very content playing solo unless he is sitting up, on his own, playing. This works quite well for us, we just put a semi-circle of pillows behind him and then he's fine when he topples over.

I thought it would be fun to put up some videos of Owen playing.

I got my hair cut! I'm pleased with it. I haven't had anything this different in a while, so the change is welcomed. I also think it will be more manageable. I might actually comb it everyday now, and my hair won't be shedding everywhere. I hope.