Tuesday, October 16, 2007

of bops and giggles

Today Owen was full of smiles and giggles. He and I were the only ones at home today, and we did loads of playing with his toys and dancing to music. He loves listening to music! He stood infront of the stereo for a bit this morning, so I turned on the Flyers, and he immediately grew excited and started hitting his hands on the stereo table, while bopping up and down. He's been really attached to me holding him lately, which I don't mind of course, but it is hard to do things that way, so having him content to play on his own is helpful.

He has been doing a lot of phonetic imitating. He doesn't mimic sounds yet, but if I say, "yay yay yay" he'll do the same. And he loves fake laughing. It's really humorous, especially when it is accompanied with his little knee-slap.

I've gotten into the habit (mainly because Owen now looks for it) of saying Yay!! When he claps. He looks at me every time he starts clapping, in expectation of my encouragement and he gives a huge satisfied grin when I say it. Earlier today, when he did something I thought noteworthy, I said Yay! and he lifted one hand, passed the toy he had in one hand to the other, he realized that didn't work so he passed it back only then to put it down - all so he could clap! Haha! I didn't realize the association between clapping and Yay! was so strong until then. He heard the word, and all he could do was make it work to clap. man, he's so cute.

Friday, October 12, 2007

push to walk

Owen has discovered pushing this cart thing, which allows him to 'walk.' He loves doing it, and it takes great concentration and his tongue helps a lot with this.

Silly me, I took the video sideways. Sorry!