Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

making progress

so owen is completely capable of going pee in the potty all by himself but he refuses (to the point of crying and tantrums). And so, this photo illustrates how we are handling it. perhaps not the best way, but it seems to be working -- i haven't helped him yet today!

you'll also note there's the issue of poop in the potty on that sheet of paper too. He's not so eager to do this one, but we're working on it. if anything would motivate him, it's cool characters from the movie Cars, waiting for him. here's hoping.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

we had a rough night last night. owen was sick, as in puking sick. poor guy. we all did get sleep eventually, though it was after a bath, pajama changes and bed sheet changes. he woke up saying that he felt better though his appetite today was super small. but, he does seem to be on the mend. other than feeling sick last night, owen has been doing very well. he's putting together sentences beautifully, and he's quite the conversationalist.

due to having a 2 month in the family, we don't get out in the snow much, but it's been quite nice lately so we'll have to bundle up and get out there.

aleida is doing very well. she's almost at 13 lbs now, and 23 inches long. she's a happy baby though she can get rather bothered at times. this usually does not last long, though. she likes being walked around - if you stand still while holding her, she'll start to fuss.

ry caught some of her smiles & facial expressions on camera.