Thursday, June 30, 2011

thanks Grandma!

Grandma made Aleida's sweet dress. There's also a hat and bloomers not shown in this pic. The 102°F day meant those items were not put on her yet.

photo blog time...

Owen caught a fish and was about to hold it (below picture) it flopped out of Ry's hand which made Owen VERY scared of it! It took a lot of convincing to get Owen to pose near the fish (see next picture).

Owen loves writing on top of words I've written. He'll do this for long periods of time.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

lazy hazy sunday

I haven't updated our blog in FOREVER! Yikes. Life has been busy, but I don't have an good excuse - I've just forgotten!

We're having a nice Sunday today. We've been relaxing and playing quietly. Aleida took apart her bed after her nap today (meaning she tossed out everything in it, including her mattress) and was sitting very content on the wood slab bottom. So, I gave her some books and 30 min later, she's still babbling happily. Owen is crafting away, the dining room has never looked so fulfilled. I touched up paint in the kitchen and front entry way. Those are areas of the house that seem to always need paint touch-ups.

Last night I used a couple of shirts that Ry and I don't wear anymore and I made myself a brand new shirt. I'm happy with the results! It will be a fun new summer shirt.