Sunday, September 24, 2006

the common ground fair, in unity, maine.

We left early early on Saturday morning and drove 2.5 hours to the Common Ground Fair. Ry and I had never been, but we heard wonderful things from friends who had been. The rain decided it wanted to visit the fair along with us, so our initial experience of the fair was unfortunately hindered. There were so many great booths from organic farmers, booths about renewable energy, various associations for peace and justice, people selling woolen goods, there were farm animals, natural and holistic herbal booths, etc. Informatin sessions happened on the hour, about all different issues and interests. Oh soo wonderful!! We tried to absorb much of the goodness of the fair and ignore how much rain was falling, making us cold and wet. The rain stopped around 3pm, and by that point our camping plans for the evening had been cancelled and we had decided it would be best to make the trek home and not attend the fair again the next day. It was a sad and hard decision because we had others in our car and the fair was so much fun! But the thought of going to bed wet and waking up wet . . . ick. Anyway, when the rain stopped, we enjoyed the fair immensely. We quickly tried to visit as many booths as possible. I bought some herbal remedies that are recommended post-birth, and we bought an organic gardening book. We're excited about our purchases. We drove home, I went to bed super early as I was tired and my body achey from so much walking. We slept like rocks!! It felt so good to be dry, and in our own bed. We've had a lazy sunday, and it's been really nice.

I've decided I need to stop thinking about how I want to baby to come soon. I've been told by a couple people I really ought to enjoy the time I have now to be alone, and to rest. I've realized the value in their recommendation, so I've been excited to slowly accomplish what I need to do, and to rest and relax and read in between times. I'm not so anxious about wanting the baby to come as soon as possible anymore. Eventually, he / she will be here. But at the moment, I have time for myself. I'll take it.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

just when i thought i was as big as i was going to get, i got bigger. here's my current size. pretty great, eh?

Friday, September 08, 2006

And school's back in full swing. The campus has filled, and friends have returned. It's great having new people around, though I'm feeling disrupted by what was the calm of summer. I liked the way things flowed so smoothly - perhaps because it's the first week things are feeling quite rushed and busy and, well, crazy.

It is so excellent having Bon, Jess and Mel in town. Mel came over last night and showed me how to make yoghurt! Truly exciting. Ry ate some this morning and said, it is good. Now that we've been getting our milk from a local farmer (delicious, raw, whole milk!) we can make all the yoghurt we want! ...just as long as I don't keep spilling half a jug of milk on the ride home every time . . . that's right. I spilled it in the back of the car. Ish. Ry was a trooper though, and cleaned it up nicely. I'm really really hoping we won't having a stinky car, now.

So far no sign of the baby coming. Ry and I are both 'on guard' for the event, though. The other night I got up to go to the bathroom and I stubbed my toe on the way. I made some noise of pain because Ry woke up and was quick to make sure I was okay, as he thought I might be in labour. So we feel ready, but we'll see when it actually happens!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Our trip to Saint John to see the doctor was difficult for both of us. Personally, I felt mad about the way the doctor treated Marcia. It was like every stereotype of a male o.b. coming to fruition. Anyway, we are trying to leave this experience behind us and enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy. We haven't decided when and if we are going to visit the doctor again before the birth. They recommend once a week from now until the baby's born, but I don't see that happening. Marcia is feeling well and everything indicates a healthy and smooth pregnancy and baby. Our plan is to head to Saint John when Marcia is in the early stages of labour. We will most likely go to New River Beach for the first while.

It is fascinating to see Marcia's "nurturing instincts" surface. All of a sudden she started feeling deeply connected to the growing baby inside her. For most of the pregnancy she hasn't always felt totally in tune with the baby and hasn't felt strong feelings toward him/her, so this is quite new and fascinating to see. Her nurturing instincts are starting to become contagious, as I try to support her during this time.

Marcia has done such an amazing job of taking care of her body for the baby throughout this whole pregnancy. She has been energetic, active, joyful, optimistic, and graceful - just like herself. This experience has been so fun for the both us. We have felt scared at times about the affect of the final product on our lives, but we are beginning to feel excited about the change that is about to occur in our lives.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

We decided that writing in a blog would be a convenient consistent way of staying in contact with loved ones who are far (and near!), as so many dear people are scattered all over. We'll be updating this blog mostly with information about the baby, or news leading up to the baby's arrival.

Speaking of pre-baby news, we had a doctor's appointment this past Friday. We rode up to Saint John with the Sider's, which was really fun. We stopped at Value Village first, wandered around there and picked up some house items and a teeny newborn knit sweater (very sweet!). Then Ry and I drove to the hospital, checked in, and went to our ultrasound. It was fun to see parts of the baby. The head measures 9cm, and they think it's about 6.5lbs. The head is down, which gives me much relief. Everything looks excellent, so far as they can tell. The babe's heart rate is about 135 beats/min. There's been a change in the baby's due date: no longer Oct 9, but more around Sept 30 - the ultrasound said I was 36weeks, and I thought I was almost 35. A week and a half difference. I'm not too concerned or suprised, as the baby will come when it wants anyway. So, we're glad to know everything is as it should be. After our ultrasound, we went to see the doctor - this experience was terrible. I don't want to have another appointment with that doctor, and I hope he isn't on duty when I am in labour (please pray he's not!). The whole experience was rotten, from him being about 2 hours before coming in to see us, to him not listening to my concerns, to him making us feel guilty and irresponsible for our lack of medical care up to this point - something completely beyond our control. He just straight up was not nice. We left feeling gross, but we also left with good news about my health and the baby's.

We have some more good books to read, loaned to us by a doula here in town. She's about to leave town for the winter so she won't be able to attend our birth, but she was a helpful resource over the phone, and by lending us some of her prized books.

I'm feeling more and more ready and prepared for the babe to come. The truth about becoming a parent is finally setting in, and I'm ready to embrace it and whatever change it brings. This baby is nearly ready to join us in life outside my belly.