Friday, April 11, 2008

getting along and having fun

lillian and owen: enjoying their friday together.

Monday, April 07, 2008

leaps and bounds!

So much has happened in our little world since I last posted. My parents visited over Easter weekend which this year, was also my birthday. It was a true blessing to have them here, it was fun to have them in our home, in our element, and with our people. We hadn't had much snow in a while, prior to their arrival, but we had a storm while they were here. So we were shut in for a bit of their visit, but we did make to Cannon Falls for a lovely Easter/Birthday meal, then to the flower conservatory for a spring blooms show,
then to the zoo to see the monkeys play.

Owen is beginning to use coherent words to communicate. He understands so so much of what we say, and is now able to respond. "Mmm" means that he is hungry, "ahda" means he's all done doing something, usually eating. He knows Ma and Dada. The earliest word of this new communication was Ball. He says this word ALL THE TIME. Seriously. One night, after a big day of saying "ball", or more like "bah", he had a restless night. He woke up a couple of times, asking for "bah". He also says "Nigh Nigh," for night night, which applies to naptime as well as bedtime. "Wahwah" is water. "Boo" is boots, and "sigh" is for outside; he says either of these things when he wants to play outside (playing outsides involves climbing up and down our front steps, walking on the sidewalk, and trying to climb up other people's front steps).
Anyway, my listing all these new words is to say that he's becoming a good communicator, even though he cannot relate everything to us in adult English as we, or he, would like. There's still plenty of times of frustration for Owen when we can't figure out what he wants. This type of situation usually ends of with him stomping his feet or throwing everything off of his highchair tray.

Owen was given a family rockingchair from Nonny and Taid (Ry's parents). It was Ry's when he was a kid. Owen really loves this chair. He knows how to get in it, thanks to his cousin Lillian for teaching him. Yesterday, we were having a cold-sick day, and we were watching a movie. Owen went to his room, pushed the rocking chair into our room, and sat in it to watch the movie with us. Pretty cute.

Here are some videos of Owen being Owen, and in a couple videos he's displaying his new tricks.

Owen LOVES his trike / 4-wheeler . . . whatever you call it.

Ah, affection.

His love for Oatmeal is SERIOUS.

Buddies in the making.