Tuesday, May 20, 2008

cherry almond scones and cement stairs

We have been busy busy these days. Ry is wrapping up his semester, he should be done by the end of the week. Yay! We're all very excited about that. He's going to be work at the University through the summer, 2 days a week. I'll be working at my office 2-3 times a week (depending if I can fit a Friday workday in or not).

Owen and I have been spending loads of time outside. He is obsessed with climbing our front and back steps. Unfortunately these are cement. so it makes for a boring time outside for me; he goes up, then he goes down. Sometimes my heart quickens when I think he's about to fall. So far so safe, though. He is such a busy bee these days. He loves building tall towers with his wooden blocks. He really enjoys his little cars and trucks. The trucks Heidi gave him have little magnetic ends so they all stick together in a row. He now lines up his 3 cars as though they have those little magnetic joining points. It's pretty cute. Besides the stairs, he's really into climbing now, too. He loves our kitchen stool. He knows that he can put that where-ever he wants to make himself able to reach things he couldn't otherwise. He's very responsive when we tell No to certain areas that he tries to use the stool; first freaks out, but then he's okay with it and he moves the stool somewhere else.

We're getting our garden ready! We're hoping to have all our lovely seedlings out in it in a week or 2. The seedlings are growing strong. We have yet to prepare our garden beds. We're going to do several raised beds in hopes that we can tend to things better, that we'll be better organized, and if we need to put chicken wire over everything to keep the dang squirrels out - we can.

I made cherry almond scones last night, and they were really good! I made up the recipe and the only form of sweetener in the them is maple syrup. I'm so excited they turned out, and that they're basically pretty healthy (they're still butter-full and mostly white flour)! Next time I make them I might tweak a couple things, but I'm mostly excited that something I made up worked out. I'm such a recipe-follower, and that's fine, but I've always marveled at how some people can just bake by the ideas in their heads. Pretty cool.

Jen, Esme, Owen and I watch Ben, Ry and Daryl play on their softball team last night. It's become our Monday thing now. It's so much fun! We head out after supper to see the guys do their thing. Their team isn't very good compared to the teams they play but they all have a lot of fun. It was actually quite cold last night, so we a left early, really chilled, and it was nice to come home to warm scones, and we made some decaf coffee. Mmm, it was a good treat.

Owen really wanted to wear his rainjacket, so he wandered around the house wearing it.

Owen in his room, after a nice bath, playing with his farm blocks, farm, and closet (he was moving the blocks into his closet, then into the barn's haymow).

Ry sent this to me while I was at work. Very fun to receive.