Saturday, February 21, 2009

and the walls have colour!

Well it has been awhile (again) since my last post. Ry is in school again and working. I am working as well. We both work on Tuesday, so Owen gets to hang out with Daryl (aka dee) for about 5 hours during out overlap time of work. He really enjoys that time as he thinks daryl (and sandy) are the coolest.

we discovered an 'open gym' 6 blocks from us. owen is in love with it, and it's nice for ry and daryl, too, because there are basketballs to play with. It's open on Tuesday and Thursday. There is a family open gym on Sunday that we have yet to visit. It has been a good discovery as the winter is now beginning to feel long.

owen is in the process of being potty trained. He is now at the point where he completely gets the whole peeing in the potty thing, and he is very excited about it every time it happens. He doesn't like to wear diapers. Usually when we go out places now, when it is not for a very long time, he won't go pee until we're back home. He doesn't love going to the potty when he's having fun, though. I think that is a problem for a lot kids - the potty isn't quite as exciting as his cars. But he's getting it and hardly has accidents anymore. At first, as incentive to use the potty, we would give him a balloon every time he would pee. Now he doesn't need the incentive so much so we've cut that part out (unless he asks for it). There is a picture below of him with balloons and that is the story behind the amount of balloons.

And here (finally!) are some pictures of our apartment. I got a couple rooms painted, making me feel better about posting these. I was not going to post pictures until we had a mattress for our futon, but I decided that it doesn't matter. The frame is big and unattractive, but you get the idea. We've made a couple places to sit on it with pillows, and it serves as a functional clothes-drying rack.


Our dining room (wallpapered when we moved in) [with our clothes drying on the rack], and our living room & front hall: