Tuesday, October 21, 2008


a few random photos from the past while. our autumn has been fun, full of lots of adventures outside, birthdays, visiting friends, and good time spent at home.

He LOVES parks, especially slides.

When Ry was a boy, he had a teepee, his size, to play with. That has now been passed on to Owen, who mainly uses it now to put his new teddy down for night night. This process involves whispering and tucking in with is blankie.

Owen is in love with apples; he eats them whole, and down to the core. Also, raw carrots and cucumbers are a favorite. The carrots must be raw, though. Cooked vegetable (unless pureed) are not okay.

Owen's birthday was on October 8th. He really enjoyed opening the present we gave to him.

Turning TWO seems to have made some changes in Owen's disposition. He's way more outgoing, and he has times of serious craziness. He has an easier time being with other people when we are not around.

This video is an example of his craziness. he did this about 10 times, until i made him stop. I was afraid of him smashing his nose, or breaking a limb.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Slide

Owen is obsessed with this video! He asks to watch it all the time. Not kidding. And when he watches it, it's not just once, but as many times as we will allow. He smiles at the same spots in the video every time he watches it. It's hilarious.