Friday, April 23, 2010

these days...

techie boy

a friend of ours is graduating from an M.B.A. program and we were asked to make a video of ourselves saying congratulations. Owen has now made many many many videos of himself saying congratulations, nate! It's pretty cute, and this one is particularly funny.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

baseball and sun

rice cereal

Well, we started Aleida on brown rice cereal. She absolutely loves it and eats all that I give her. We started her on it because she seemed to be quite hungry and she was (is) getting up a lot at night right now. We're hoping that the rice cereal will help her sleep longer at night. So far - no go. I do believe that her night time wakefulness is due to the two bottom teeth that are soon to appear. She's a growing girl! She's getting so big so fast.

Owen is getting better all the time at constructing sentences and communicating with us. He also is getting quite good at using the computer. He likes to watch the little videos we take with our camera. He knows how to do this. He also figured out how to take pictures of himself - I found these on the computer yesterday.