Saturday, February 27, 2010


and this is how it came about:

We've been working on the poop-in-the-potty issue for months. But he was soo anti. He didn't even want to talk about it, let alone sit on the potty. But at last. All day yesterday and all the previous day he had to poop. But he wouldn't do it. And finally, when he asked to play in his tent, it struck me -- perhaps he'd poop in his tent (i mean i would set the tent up in the bathroom around his potty)! and yes yes. yes he did.

Now, owen in the proud recipient of a piston cup (if you've never seen the disney movie ''Cars" then you won't know what this is. but to Owen, this is kindof the ultimate achievement. and he's obsessed with the Cars movie.). He's been playing with it all day today. AND he pooped in the potty again today. It was his own idea. Hooray! We're all very excited - including Owen! Oh, and he didn't need the tent surrounding him while he pooped this time, which i am glad for.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

on the mend

well i have gotten over my bout of sickness. strep throat and sinus infection. sheesh. i am grateful for antibiotics.

While i was sick, ry had his first week back teaching. new semester, 3 new classes teaching the same material from last semester.

Not this past Sunday, but the Sunday before, Aleida was dedicated. This is a photograph that someone at church took, and shared with us.

Just a week or so ago (probably longer, as i have no sense for time anymore), my friend Rachael posted a similar photograph of rows of bottles on the kitchen floor. While Owen had not seen that picture, he had a similar idea of fun, I guess.

Stamping is a pretty dirty occasion. We've discovered that it is an activity that requires pretty close supervision. I don't have a photograph of the end of that stamping session. He had removed the ink pad from the case and rubbed it all over his arms. Let's just say he was rinsed for a long time under the bathtub facet.

Aleida is quite the cute kid. She's very expressive, as I've tried to capture in the below photographs. Unfortunately her facial expressions are full of body movement so she's hard to take pictures of.

charlie's birthday was a couple weekends ago. here are some pictures.

Monday, February 08, 2010

new developments.

aleida is getting so much better at sitting by herself! this is a relief. not only does she sit by herself but she does enjoy it! she'll laugh and coo at things, toys, or us. It's great. still, this doesn't last more that about 15 min, but well, i don't know that many babies do that?

Owen has been pretty serious about Lightning McQueen (from movie, 'Cars'). He loves that car, and often is that car. He's really into the opening song of the movie, too. It's Sheryl Crow's "real gone." Anyway, this video is what has been happening non stop in our for days. (the real gone song has gotten nearly 100 plays.)