Thursday, May 28, 2009

weekend wedding

it's been a blur these days! we had Erin and Ben's wedding this past weekend (Ry's sister). It was a beautiful, fun, enriching occasion that lasted from Thursday night to Sunday night! So we were pretty wiped come Monday, but it was a good feeling.

We all were involved in the wedding, which means I unfortunately don't have any photos of us in our wedding wear. But here is one of Owen at the dress rehersal (as well as cousin Lillian) (note his new short spring haircut):

Ry did the music during the ceremony. He played guitar beautifully, and sang full and strong and awesome, as he usually does. Owen was the ring bearer that bore no rings, as we weren't sure he'd even make it down the aisle. BUT he did make it down, holding my hand. He wanted me to carry him, but I promised him goldfish when we made it to front if he walked so he obliged. I was [one of] the maid of honours, and owen escorted me down. I kept him in line through the ceremony, which involved taking him to the potty, retrieving him from the sacred alter at the front of the anglican/episcopal church (in the middle of the vows), and ignoring him when he started to say poop and fart loudly in hopes of getting some laughs. But he did great, all in all. Pretty low interruption, really. And the ceremony was beautiful; I was able to enjoy it.

This week has been pretty low key, thankfully, and now we're getting ready to go the Granny's cabin, to open it up for the season. We're really looking forward to this getaway, as the cabin is such a beautiful, quiet recluse location (except when the neighbours are there). Roger and Marnie will be there too, it will no doubt be a nice time together.