Saturday, June 14, 2008

HIMSELF & our garden

i've been meaning to post some photos of our garden. We're all really excited about it! Everything is doing well, so far the squirrels have left things alone (they're the major predator here), and it's been not too hot yet. This is the view from our back door.

We're growing our tomatoes in pots, with mint alongside.

Yay Kale!

Mmm, red greens...

and here's a full view.

This past Friday Ry took Owen and Lillian to the park, while I was at work. It looks like they had fun!

Owen is very into building towers. He built this one completely by himself!

Owen climbed out of his bed all by himself this morning! I think he used his little rocking chair as a 'step'. But this is very much how he is these days: independent. He loves doing things by himself, and he will tell you, usually frantically, "no!" he does not need help. It's pretty cute, verging on obnoxious. We're constantly having him repeat, "No, thankyou" after he so rudely swats and yells No! He'll get it down.