Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Our trip to Saint John to see the doctor was difficult for both of us. Personally, I felt mad about the way the doctor treated Marcia. It was like every stereotype of a male o.b. coming to fruition. Anyway, we are trying to leave this experience behind us and enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy. We haven't decided when and if we are going to visit the doctor again before the birth. They recommend once a week from now until the baby's born, but I don't see that happening. Marcia is feeling well and everything indicates a healthy and smooth pregnancy and baby. Our plan is to head to Saint John when Marcia is in the early stages of labour. We will most likely go to New River Beach for the first while.

It is fascinating to see Marcia's "nurturing instincts" surface. All of a sudden she started feeling deeply connected to the growing baby inside her. For most of the pregnancy she hasn't always felt totally in tune with the baby and hasn't felt strong feelings toward him/her, so this is quite new and fascinating to see. Her nurturing instincts are starting to become contagious, as I try to support her during this time.

Marcia has done such an amazing job of taking care of her body for the baby throughout this whole pregnancy. She has been energetic, active, joyful, optimistic, and graceful - just like herself. This experience has been so fun for the both us. We have felt scared at times about the affect of the final product on our lives, but we are beginning to feel excited about the change that is about to occur in our lives.

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