Friday, March 23, 2007

Nearing 6 months and Springtime in St. Stephen!

As our part of the earth has warmed and the snow has been slowly melting, Marcia and I have finally had the chance to expose Owen to the "outside world." Owen's first few meetings with the great outdoors have been quite shocking for him. In fact, he finds it difficult to keep his eyes open with all that light! So, he squints just like his Mommy. A lot has happened in the past month. Two teeth have come through (see pic), and Owen is able to use his hands pretty well to grab just about whatever he wants. Yesterday, we started him on solid foods - a bit of sweet potato - and he enjoyed it! He's been frustrated at the whole nap thing, as he'd rather stay up and chat with the big kids. Owen is also becoming mobile, not by using his hands, knees, or feet, but his back and head! He arches his back and squirms off his play mat, just like he does in his crib. He is still enjoying the jolly jumper, but is also quite content sitting with the big kids and playing with a stuffed animal or some other weird looking toy that crackles.

He also loves a new book! One particular book in fact. It is called "Kisses, Kisses, Kisses." See picture below.


Anonymous said...

These pictures are unbelievable. Your little family continues to grow more beautiful each day. Miss you guys.

Kira said...

Oh, my! He suddenly looks like such a big boy! It's amazing how one day you just wake up and realize that a whole phase of infancy is done with......