Thursday, January 10, 2008


We arrived back from visiting my family in Ontario this past Tuesday. We had a splendid time playing and enjoying one another's company. Owen came down with a cold, I'm sure he caught it due to a lack of sleep during our trip there. He missed a couple naps and his night sleep was significantly reduced. But, even though he was congested and coughing, he was really fun, and had lots to talk about and laugh about. It was a great time. Sad to leave, of course.

Now we're back in Minneapolis, and we're all slowly recovering. I came down with a cold also, but I'm feeling much better now. Owen has had a bought of the runs and we're waiting for that to clear up soon. Poor kid. He's had it rough the past week. But, we're feeling super lucky to have Ry home all the time right now - he has the month of January off. Since his jobs are connected to his university, he isn't working right now nor is he studying! We'd all been waiting eagerly for this. We got home on Tuesday afternoon, and I've been working yesterday and today, all day. So, I'm ready to hang out with my boys now! We have Lilly tomorrow, so we have a fun-filled, busy day tomorrow.

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