Monday, February 25, 2008

oh pockets

this is what resulted when Owen discovered his hoodie had pockets (notice the goose-egg on the right side of his forehead).

he started to sit down on the kitchen floor, and since his hand were stuck in his pockets, he fell forehead first. poor guy. then as soon as he was feeling better, he wandered off again and opened a desk drawer and closed his finger in it. again: poor guy. he's down for his nap now. i know i would want to take a break and sleep for a while if those things had just happened to me, not to mention those events were probably indicative of a deeper issue called tiredness.

at nap times and night time (that's 3 times a day total), we put him down after he snuggles with us and drinks a 4oz bottle of milk. he loves this. we're trying to ween him off this. so far: not successful. given the above sad events, i decided i would give him the bottle as it's a great comfort for him, and i'd take the opportunity of guaranteed stillness to put a little cold on his bump. so, we'll keep this great goal of kicking the bottle, but hopefully we'll succeed on another day.


(stephanie adams) said...

ohh, dear sad little boy! he looks remarkably happy considering*

ps. sometimes i wish i had an office job... so we could gmail chat while we're working... while we're working? maybe, while we should be working... i should keep dying wool for now. at present it seems i'd make a somewhat sub-standard office employee.

Kira said...

Do you do any homeopathics? If so, get some arnica -- it's grrreat for bumps and bruises. It takes Anya from crying to playing in a few seconds!

Emily and Martin said...

Hey troops!! I am enjoying the blog updates and videos, the newest addition to the house, Esmes(?) Beautiful name, just can't spell....she is a gorgeous little baby, funny how Owen doesn't really seem to notice her much... Owen is a sure cutie and I love his giberish talk??!!

take care
Love Emily

What Kira wrote about arnica, we used to take those as kids too, they were very tasty under the tongue!