Sunday, January 25, 2009

so this is christmas . . . a late report.

though i know it shouldn't matter, i cannot put up photos of our new place until i have it in better order & done-ness. I will post pictures of our new abode soon.

That being said, there certainly is a lot that has happened since i last posted.

We visited Rachael, Andy, Tegan and Leyna at their new Mississauga residence. It was so lovely to converse, drink nog&rum, watch our children not only play, but get along really well. It absolutely was sad to only have one night's stay with them.

We then continued by train to the next Christmas celebration: Christmas at Tibben Farms. This was really relaxing and enjoyable; it was super to reconnect with relatives and old friends. Owen loves Grandma and Grandpa (though he cannot say their names: they are both called renon which is his word for what he cannot pronounce). Owen grew comfortable fast though he played with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Glen and Aunt Heidi best when we were not around. But this gave Ry and I great opportunity for some time to ourselves. We had a great time with my family. It certainly is painful having families spread far apart.
The game Owen played with my mom: the white dots are pins and the red thing a chair - potentially prick-full, but he's a careful boy.
And the awesome barn: build by my dad.

We journeyed back to Minneapolis only to move, the next day, to St Paul. We have our apartment close to Ry's school. We've been enjoying setting up home & rediscovering things we owned that have been packed up for a couple years.

The day after we moved friends from Winnipeg drove into town to hang out for New Years. It was super fun to have people stay with us, to host so soon at our new place. We had a blast celebrating together and ringing in the new year with song, champagne (spiked with creme de cassis!), and the ol' year-old christmas tree burning -- all down by the lake.

That weekend we had our Christmas celebration with Ry's family. It was really great to be with them again, and to see Lillian and Owen play. They are obsessed and in love with each other! They kept one another amused, and in turn we were entertained. We spent a relaxing and enjoyable day together; there was no set plan for the day, we just soaked in each others' company.

(you can see i did well documenting our Christmas with photos at the beginning . . . and sadly not at the end.)

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