Monday, March 16, 2009

glorious day

we had a gloriously warm day today. temperatures reached 17 C and our windows are still open. It's wonderful what fresh air and warm sun will do to ones mental, emotional and physical state. Owen and I went to the park today. Much of the playset was inaccessible due to the incredible amount of water around the slides and steps. He had so much fun any way. He slipped on some ice and fell in the water, but he reacted well and did not even want to go home after it happened. We had a lot of fun.

owen has mastered the potty, at least as far as pee is concerned. he tells us every time he needs to go, even if it's at some place that isn't home. we still put diapers on him to go out, but usually they are dry the whole time. we're so happy about this new development! and owen is, too. he applauds us and encourages ry and i when we pee in the potty, too.

This is Owen enjoying his bath.

Owen set this up: after I remade his bed, he set all his teddies to go night-night with him.

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Emily and Martin said...

nice to read up on your family life and the accomplishments of Owen...It is truly amazing what kids can sleep with in their bed! Owen is such a cutie. Hope to see you guys this summer