Wednesday, July 22, 2009

produce .. productivity

these days have been days of productivity. our three july weddings have come and gone. we've hosted wonderful guests from afar in our home and visited and played together, and ate good food.

i've been dreaming up - and slowing acting out - how to make our apartment more like our home and how to organize things better. our disgusting kitchen, which was stained and greasy and just plain yucky, has now been given a makeover. It is not finished yet and so I will hold off on posting photos until I have a couple more key things done. But WOW! does it ever look amazing! There were gaping dusting holes along the top of the trim, the radiator had a lot of food stains running down it's front, all the trim was seriously chipped to reveal the dark green paint underneath the creamy topcoat. The walls were a yellowish cream colour that just looked dingy and dirty (because it was). Anyway, now the walls are coated with a fresh 'coventry garden' colour, and the trim is bright white. This is offset by the nice oak cupboards and white tile backsplash (two good traits that were previously in the kitchen). It truly is amazing what paint can do! Oh, and I have filed in the gaping holes all along the trim and that really cleans the place up. The radiator is also bright white now, and completely clean!

When we initially moved into our apartment we didn't do a good job of storing items that we didn't need to unpack. However, since we just stuffed everything into a storage closet, accessing any of it was not possible unless you emptied the entire closet. That is not ever fun. So, I finally gave that closet a redo. I added some shelving and now everything is accessible and stored properly. I also went through a couple boxes and purged some things (always a good feeling).

I am beginning to form plans for Owen's bedroom. His closet is very 'thin' - there isn't space for a rod to go lengthwise across, so there are two mini bars that go from the back wall to the front, on either sides of the closet door. Well, there isn't a door, it aught to be opening. I'm going to build a little thin shelving unit to put in there for his clothes. His dresser functioned as a changing table for owen, and it will be revived as such for this next little one. This means Owen needs a place for his things and the room isn't big enough for another dresser so I will utilize the closet space.

I could go on, but I think that is all that any of you care to know. In addition to these details (that are exciting to me), we've been getting in a lot of park time, and time outside. We recently had a stretch of cool weather. This was very welcome as neither Ry or I are people who tolerate heat very well. But it makes being outside not just easy but very enjoyable.

We have a Farmers Market across the road from our house, which is amazing! We just go for a wee walk every Friday and then we come back to our house with arms full of fresh produce. I even bought a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers last week. It is wonderful to have close and easy access to fresh produce.

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