Friday, October 30, 2009

she's already a part of things

it made me so excited to soon see owen as a big brother when this morning, as he was jumping on his bed and singing a song about our family, his little baby sister was given mention along with mama, dada and owen. he's such a great kid!

i'm surprised at how well he is understanding the concept of 'sister' and of a new baby soon coming into our family. i certainly am expecting that the real, physical presence and sound of a baby, day after day may not be so easy for him to embrace, but he's entering into the situation with a great attitude. He's felt her move in my belly a couple different times, now. He thinks it's really funny. And I am grateful that it has worked to have him feel her 'knee' or 'elbow' as it really proves the fact that there's a baby in there! well, proof beyond my still-growing massive belly and my gradual inability to do regular things easily (like move from sitting on the floor to standing up).

we're all doing well, and we're quite aware the the official due date is nearly a week away. come on little one!

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