Thursday, March 25, 2010

Well i am back to work. My first day was monday the 15th. Unfortunately, Ry had just gotten a cold and thus he felt quite terrible his first day of being home with the kids alone. It was aleida's first day on the bottle, too. It was a rocky day but they all made it through.

I did well being away and at the office. Pumping was fine - lucky for me I have a lot of experience pumping (Owen never latched - I pumped for 9 months for him), although I certainly prefer NOT pumping. I only work 2 days a week, which is great. I am so grateful for my job and that I can be home 70% of the week. Also, I am grateful that Ry's job is such that he is the one home with the kids whilst I am at work. It is really fun for Owen and Aleida to have concentrated times of mommy AND daddy.

Spring arrived officially March 21, but we've been experiencing very spring like weather since the beginning of March! It's been heavenly. Although today is a big shock of cold - at least it is sunny. The parks are clear which is great news for Owen. He can expend his energy much more effectively now. It feels so amazing to be outside and let the sunshine touch more than just our noses, cheeks and eyes! Aleida really loves being outside, too. She actually turns her face, eyes closed, toward the sun and seems to get great contentment soaking it in. It's really sweet. When we go outside, she's in a baby carrier. She really loves this mode of transportation.

Meal times have developed into a time where both Ry and I can eat our meal with both hands free.

This was the first -and only- time she's done this.

These pictures were taken a couple weeks ago. It was glorious outside! A family walk replaced nap time. It would have been silly for us to sleep through the beauty, warmth & freshness.

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(stephanie adams) said...

Marce, you look beautiful!! Also, Aleida looks so different than she did in January, my word!

Love love*

PS. The colour of your sweater reminds me of something else you'll be wearing in about four months...