Friday, May 21, 2010

of hair and teeth

Last saturday a tooth emerged. Bottom right. Sunday the bottom left was there. Good job, Aleida! She is also arm crawling. She's using her arms to pull her body around, and her feet provide some push as well. She can get herself around the room pretty quickly! I turned my head for a little bit and the next thing I knew she was under the coffee table. Silly girl - and determined as well. She likes her toys alright, but Owen's are far more interesting. He is very good at taking things away from her when she gets into something she shouldn't. He's also quick at preemptively moving things out of her reach. We're trying to have him see that moving everything out of her reach isn't so nice; we're trying to encourage sharing and teach the difference between keeping her safe, and never letting her touch his toys.

Owen finally got a much needed haircut. Professionally done this time - I've decided that's a way better route than me trying to get him to sit still and listen to me. Not to mention someone trained in the art of hair cutting is A LOT faster than I am. For a 3 year old boy, this is a great advantage. Anyway, he received a new car and a sucker out of the deal. He was pretty happy with all the end results.

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a monkey the lady and me said...

wow. where does it go. look how big they are! she is SOOOO cute!
and where did you get that coffee table? it is BEAUTIFUL!
good to hear you are all well.
rachael and crew