Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mountains! Ocean! .amazing.

Aleida is 8 months old! She is so smiley, determined, strong and squirmy. She really dislikes when she cannot do something. She works really hard at moving around quickly. She isn't a fan of baby toys - Owen's things are super appealing. She's a lot of fun. She also is teething right now. There is a nice little bite on my shoulder that looks like it is from a blackfly. No no. It is an Aleida bite. Yikes. She now has three teeth and the other top front tooth will hopefully emerge soon. Poor girl.

Aleida: a couple weeks old

and here she is again, 8 months later.

We arrived back to our home on Thursday night. It was a long trip home, as Owen continually reminded us. We're all pretty tired out, but that is the consequence of taking a fabulous vacation to a city chocked full of friends! We had a great time being with dear people we don't see often, and we also explored the area. We had a fancy double stroller during our stay and that made getting around possible. I'll let the photos tell you more about our time.

Steph and Dan got married! Woo, what a lovely day.

We drove into Washington with Katie and Joel to visit Mount Baker.

We (along with Mel and Tyler) took a ferry to Bowen Island.

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