Friday, November 05, 2010

little walking lady

We are now a household of all walkers. Aleida has joined us to move on 2 feet. And she LOVES it! She is very good at regaining her balance, and when she falls, she knows how to fall well and she quickly gets back on her feet again. And lately she's quite taken with one of my purses. It has a short shoulder strap and her favorite thing to do right now is walk around with it, a smile always on her face. Phones still excite her; she frequently needs to talk into her hand if ever anyone of us is on the phone.

Owen has been different people these days. We might wake up to find that Allie is visiting us. Or the past couple of days it has been DookeeDookee (sp?). These kids are usually older than Owen, just by a little, and girls. Obviously when Allie or DookeeDookee addresses Owen's parents, the names Marcia or Ry are used. This is the first telling sign that it is not Owen talking, but rather a visiting guest.

We have settled into a bit of nighttime routine. We get Aleida ready and in bed by 7. While that is happening, depending if one or two parents are home, Owen might watch a bit of a show while he eats some pear or apple or yogurt. Then once Aleida is down, it's Owen's turn. He's been in bed by 7:30. It's amazing! We had an extremely hard time with bedtime there for a while. Well, with Owen's bedtime. He just wouldn't want to go to bed, and once he had been 'put to bed' he'd come out again and again. This would sometimes happen for 2+ hrs. NOT OKAY. We've cut out his afternoon nap and that has helped immensely. It is so amazing to have bedtime be completed at 7:30. (Wake time has been earlier than desireable but we'll have to sort that out after this time change . . . rise time could be 5am for a while here...)

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