Tuesday, December 14, 2010


it's almost frimas (in Owen-speak). We are all VERY excited about this (aleida's excited by osmosis). We got our Christmas tree up and Owen plugs the lights in every morning. So our electricity bill will be higher this month . . ..

Owen got to meet Kris Kringle/Santa Claus; he was shy at first but then got very chatty! Aleida was slightly interested in him but did NOT want to sit on his lap. So Santa had an idea . . .

We had a lot of fun decorating our tree. The kids both enjoyed the process.

One thing I love to do at Christmas: lay under the tree and look up into the tree!

Ry is a busy busy bee right now! His PhD application (to start a program fall 2011) are coming due! He's finished applying to 3 schools, and has 3 to complete. The rest of us are just going about our daily routines: playing cars, playing trains, putting objects in other objects, laundry, cooking, Christmas baking, 'school' (ECFE) - which both the kids enjoy a lot, and now more recently, we've been enjoying lots of snow. We got 23" in a day! This is how winter is supposed to be :)

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roger flyer said...

Frimas cOOkies at Taid and Nonnie's.