Sunday, January 23, 2011

lazy hazy sunday

Owen has a bit of a cough and runny nose, and Aleida is getting some molars in. Both kids (and parents!) are worn out! But we're in good spirits; it's been a lovely January thus far. We had a long, full morning at church today. The kids are responding so well to our church activities lately (being the past 2 weeks). Owen is really embracing and enjoying his preschool Sunday school class. It used to be a struggle & fight for him to attend nursery and his class so we're very grateful to have him excited and happy about his activities. He really loves his friends at church, too. Aleida can get upset at being left in nursery, but she settles quickly and plays well and seems to enjoy participating in new things. There's another little girl at church who is a number of months older than her -- they've had some bonding moments, it's very sweet.

Ry is marking exams. Owen is building a parking facility for his cars. Aleida is taking a nap. And I have a kitchen to clean, but before I tackle that, I thought I'd roam around our place and capture images that I enjoy seeing. (Aleida is asleep so she didn't make it into the mix... perhaps I'll find a pic of her from a different day :)

* Music of choice for the afternoon: Edward Sharpe & the Magnet Zeroes, as well as Local Natives (thanks Charlie for the recommendations) *

:: sunday school art project ::

i just read an article that our pastor wrote for our monthly newsletter in which she talked about storytelling & how it shapes our souls (a Thomas Moore idea); it isn't just the life experience itself, but the recounting, remembering and reprocessing that is important for our life-source. I think part of this process is intricately connected to our familial history as well -- it is crucial that we keeping the stories and experiences of our parents, grandparents and great grandparents ongoing and current.

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