Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ch ch ch changes

Well, Aleida mastered climbing out of her crib. She'd wait for us to leave the room and she'd immediately get herself out. About a month ago we bought a bunk bed set from Craigslist, and have had that set up in the kids room. Owen has the top bunk and we figured we'd move Aleida to the bottom bunk eventually - perhaps once we'd moved this fall. But, with this battle of stay-in-your-crib underway, we decided we should just transfer her so the battle became the inevitable stay-in-your-bunk-bed battle. She was tired enough after lunch today that I thought it could actually work to put her down for her nap on her bunk bed. It took quite a few times of me laying her back down and getting upset with her (and having her laugh at me in response - she really was excited to be on her bunk, I guess) before she got the hint that it was nap time and that I didn't want her getting out of her bed.

Halden, our friend who stayed with us a couple weeks ago, had funny shoes (well, we thought they were funny, I doubt he thought so) and Owen put them on. He looks pretty hilarious, don'tcha think?

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