Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas is almost here!

We are counting down the days until Christmas. The kids love the advent calendar and taking turns putting a new ornament on the felt tree every morning. Our Christmas tree's lights are usually on and it gets frequent visitors poking it's ornaments and branches.

I've taken a couple pictures of kids wearing my TibbenLittles clothing, as you can see below.

Wendy LOVES food. She eats big meals three times a day. It's a messy occasion but the rinse-down after her meal is over, is another favourite thing for her. She thinks getting water in her mouth is exciting and fun. She just worked another 2 top teeth through so she now has 6 teeth! What a big 7 month old. We're helping her learn how to sleep through the night right now, which is going quite well, thankfully. She only woke up once last night, for about 20 minutes. Here's hoping tonight is a fully night of sleep for ALL. :o)

Ry is busy writing a paper, soon he'll receive 35+ papers to grade, and he also has one more paper to write after that. He will continue to be busy for the next little while!

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