Saturday, February 16, 2013

looking toward spring

Even though we've had a mild winter, thank you New Jersey, I find myself very excited for spring. My friend and I went out a couple weeks ago and cut some forsythia branches. These are now in brilliant yellow bloom on my dining room table. Besides being gorgeous, they're heavy with hope and so light and bright.
After a stretch of finally being free of some form of cold and flu, it seems that Wendy and Aleida have a cough and runny nose. We'll see if it makes it's round to the whole family.
We've had a few different snow falls here, and some of it has managed to stay around long enough to be fun. One storm brought enough to actually sled and ski! I was able to go out on the nearby golf course for a long cross country ski. It had been so long since I was out skiing! It was beautiful and fun (and sticky snow unfortunately, so it was a lot of picking up my skis rather than gliding them).
Wendy has almost cut her 7th tooth! She's growing so quickly. She's still very sweet and happy. She loves eating solid food, especially when she can feed herself. She is a very fast crawler and toilet paper eater. I have removed all the toilet paper rolls from their holder because she will take bites out of the rolls. Silly girl.
Ry is into his last semester of courses before he takes on his lengthy exams and then he'll start his dissertation. He has moved up his exams so that rather than taking one this fall, he will be taking the first one in May. He'll study all summer and then take a couple more in the fall. He's embarking upon a busy time!

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