Tuesday, January 23, 2007

skipping down the streets

the winter air has been crisp, the snow has gone from fluffy to glazed with ice but the sun has been shining for days. I feel like we're developing a daily rhythm, and it feels so good. Owen has been sleeping through the nights; he's been going down between 8:30 and 9:30, sleeping somewhere until 6 and 8. I'm still pumping and feeding Owen my milk by bottle. That's formed into a routine as well and I've grown accustomed to how that works, as has Owen. It's comfortable and quick, and pleases the both of us.
Matt Frise turned 33 this past week, and we went to his party. Owen feel asleep on the walk there, and he slept the whole time we were at the party, and didn't wake up when we put him into bed. It was amazing and it felt so freeing. I went out earlier in the week as well while Ry stayed home with Owen. It was nice to get out; I skipped down the street, acknowledging the fact that i didn't have a cute babe attached to me. I love little Owen, but it's felt great to get out of the house, alone.

Owen loves when we sing to him! He gets the biggest smile on his face, and he watches us, enthralled. He also really enjoys being lifted into the air. We've put him in his jolly jumper a couple times too, and he enjoys having control and moving his strong legs. It's really cute. Just like all his other independent activities (like his chairs or toy rugs) he can only stand being by himself for so long. He's been doing better lately, though.

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Emily Geertsema said...

Owen is very cute and seems to be very happy. He is changing and growing so fast!

Love reading your blog
Emily Geertsema