Tuesday, February 06, 2007

and the days run together . . .

Today i tried distinguishing between different days and weeks and i was completely muddled. I didn't know if the day i was thinking of was last week or two weeks ago. Things here are pretty simple and similar; Ry has been working hard at his studies and I've been playing with Owen, baking and cooking, cleaning, etc, and reading. I am enjoying my daily business, especially Owen and cooking, but things don't differ too much day to day. Thursday and Sunday the days of distinction, in that Thursday evening Ry has Greek class and I go to BA Cafe when he gets home. Sunday is church. We had Chris and Heather over for supper this past week and that was fantastic, so much fun. It seems we need to make more plans, for the cold bitter wind is making people hibernate and not venture into the frigid out-of-doors.
Mary Ellen is lending us a great little 'outfit': it's a baby bag. It has no arms, it only has two legs and long top that has a hood-type cincher string. It keeps Owen so warm, and while he doesn't like the initial bundling, he quiets up as soon as he's tucked in the sling.
Owen has been really sucking on his hands, it has becoming his way of falling asleep and comforting himself. I think this is all part of the discovery that he can move his hands where he wants them, and pick up items, and do things. He's become antsy just sitting on our knee because he wants to 'do' things. If he had balance down - he'd been walking!

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