Friday, February 23, 2007

fun in the sun

ah, glorious sunshine how the days are better when you shine.
Owen was given a sweet summer outfit that he'll outgrow before the snow melts so I decided he would wear it in the golden rays of our living room. Putting a few winter layers beneath and he's decked out, ready for the sun.

There was a time, early in his smiling days, when I didn't know if he would be a smiley baby, simply because he rarely smiled. And when he did, much to my dismay, it would be at some spot on the wall, or at something unidentifiable. However, he rarely wipes his beautiful grin off his face.

Our friend Jaana, and her baby Eden (a month older than Owen) came over yesterday. We had a lovely afternoon visit. Owen and Eden seem to like each other okay, though they certainly don't find each other very interesting. They'll look at each other in wide-eyed wonderment, but then soon look elsewhere at a face more interactive or at something that seems more fun. Eden, being a girl and a month older, it is intriguing to see where they differ. She has much better fine motor skills while he has more head control and strength in his body.

Well, I have been tired all day so I think I'll call it a night.

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