Saturday, April 28, 2007

he sits!

Well this post has been 3 weeks in the making! We've had a whirl-wind couple of weeks and things are now just beginning to die down. Sadly, part of this dying down is the parting of SSU students. This summer will be wonderful and I'm excited about it, but there are some faces that will be sorely missed.

My amaryllis bloomed! It appropriately bloomed on the day my parents arrived, which was . . . three saturdays ago, I guess? We had a lovely visit together. Most of our time was spent inside as the weather decided to be quite wet and cold the entire time they were here, but we made the most of it which meant that they had much play time with Owen.

Ry's highschool buddy, Markus, came to visit as well. It was fun having him around, and for him to meet Owen. Daryl and Sandy also visited, which also was a really enjoyable time of fellowship. By this point, everything had warmed up significantly and we were able to take a couple beach days and lots of walks outside, etc. It was so refreshing. In the midst of this, SSU had graduation. It is so hard to believe the school year is already over. I loved being in the same place as Jess, Mel, and Bonnie, and for Heather to be just a city away. It is really sad that they are gone for the summer, or that they are done school! Now to be cliche: Oh goodness, how time flies.

Owen has finally settled down from all our excitement. He's been such a trooper! He still hasn't adjusted to the lack of playmates :) We've gone on many walks in his new grandpa-built wagon, we've sat outside on a blanket in the front yard playing and practicing sitting up, and we've gone for evening walks as a way to settle Owen down before bedtime - it seems to tire him out nicely.

Finally, I decided to try on an outfit my mom found for Owen. It fits! It isn't exactly warm enough for it yet, but just for photo purposes, here he is (notice his excellent sitting position!):


Anonymous said...

i am SO excited that owen is playing with that apple i got him. it's one of my favourite toys too.

i love you guys,


p.s. owen is my fav.

tegs and i said...

ahhh owen. how big you are! how i wish i could come and play!

Taid said...

Owen, Taid will help u walk soon.