Monday, April 09, 2007

easter monday!

I had meant to update on the day all the snow fell, but that obviously did not happen. The snow began to fall and hasn't ceased to cover the earth yet. It all began about 5 days ago now, with the sky basically dropping large white chunks of itself all over the St. Stephen landscape. Melanie came over, we made pretzels (mmm), then she stayed here with Owen while Ry and I went out for a quick ski to be sure we got one last (and only) ski in for the season. Little did we know the snow would linger, well, nearly completely melt, be very wet and slushy, but then refreeze (what a mess) and now I'm watching another snow-falling event.

Now that I've covered the weather, lets move on to other things, shall we?

Easter weekend. It has been fabulous thus far. At various celebration services we've attended, Ry has shared some of what he has been reading in his studies pertaining to Christ's resurrection, which has been interesting. Though I will certainly not do them justice, the readings have touched on victim theory - Christ as victim and our need to love the victim; he also read of the Eucharist and how it is a sign of life as it carries the presence of the risen Christ.

The events we attended were a sunrise gathering at Todd's Point and our Peace and Justice Communion Group. The sunrise service was really nice.

The sunrise gathering began very early on Sunday; we drove out to Todd's point then we hiked through the woods up to the flat rock that overlooks the St Croix River. The sun didn't show us its grand splendor, but the view was, none the less, spectacular. I had made Tsoureki, a Greek Easter bread, and it was yummy and warm out in the cold. Owen did well for a while out in the cold, but he became quite upset after a bit, so we trekked back and sat in the car to warm up. He settled down and played with is toy and thus allowed us to grab breakfast with everyone. He did so well! Ry was asked to play a song at church, so he went but Owen and went to bed, as he hadn't had a nap since 6am! He was tuckered out and I certainly didn't mind the snooze either since I had baked the bread that morning.

Our PJCG had an Indian Potluck last night. It was so so so delicious, with everyone bringing something very tasty, and the fellowship we had together was sweet. I do think that food makes fellowship among friends all the more richer! Especially when it's food as warm and rich as Indian food!

In other events, there was a half marathon in St. Stephen on Saturday. We went to the finish to see some friends come through. It certainly is an admirable thing to run that far! Something I applaud other for and know that I'll never do it!

We don't have any plans for today, but I think we'll just take it easy. There is a lot of clean-up to do from the busy baking / cooking weekend.

Last but not least, a blog wouldn't be complete without a picture of the star himself.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe how big he has gotten! I feel like I'm missing out! Really need to see you three more:) Hope you've been having fun in the sunny weather!
Love Katherine
(Bantry Bay)