Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I have been meaning to post for a while . . . here it is.

It has been fun having Ry around all day, without course work to do, or a lot of books to read and write on. Ry and Mat Rouleau have worked on the garden quite a bit. They've turn the sod and tilled the ground up. Now we need to work in compost and plant! We're excited. Ry and I haven't decided what we will plant yet, but we'll figure that out soonish.

Owen's top teeth have broken through. He is still quite upset by then, though. He isn't eating so well right now; he's fussy about when he has the bottle and he tends not to eat for long periods of time. This happened last time his teeth came through. He hasn't been very content playing solo unless he is sitting up, on his own, playing. This works quite well for us, we just put a semi-circle of pillows behind him and then he's fine when he topples over.

I thought it would be fun to put up some videos of Owen playing.

I got my hair cut! I'm pleased with it. I haven't had anything this different in a while, so the change is welcomed. I also think it will be more manageable. I might actually comb it everyday now, and my hair won't be shedding everywhere. I hope.

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Kira said...

I miss you all! With Ry not in classes, feel like taking a journey down here to NJ? I am pining for houseguests...