Wednesday, May 30, 2007

an entry about compost.

Owen and I brought the compost out today. This task often gets pushed off again and again, which only worsens how I feel about doing it. But, Owen and went on a rainy adventure in the wagon to take out the compost. He wore his great rain jacket from Joel and we both stayed quite dry on this warm-rain spring day. The air was wet with the smell of dirt and earthworms, it was invigorating. I think Owen enjoyed the rain. It was the perfect rainfall to be out in; soft, warm droplets, slowly dropping and perfectly interspersed. We had a good time and making the stinky job of taking out the compost into a rainy day adventure improved this chore, not to mention vetoing the part of rinsing the pail! I put it under our roof drip and tomorrow we'll be all set with a freshened compost pail.

Here is Owen loving the rain!

This is the garden to date - that's horse manure, soon to be spread out. I was going to work on that this afternoon but the rain came instead. Soon . . . then we'll seed. All before this weekend, I hope. It really needs to be done!

This is a video from the roadtrip in Maine.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Here I am sitting on my futon with rain pouring down on our roof and fighting back tears watching videos of your little family. It wasn't, like tears of sadness, just more tears of excitement, like I know that family! And I am really lucky. And, I can't believe that is your kid.

Glad to hear all that good news. Hopefully we can talk soon.