Monday, November 26, 2007

i have a nostril!!

it seems i've been having a slight problem with obsessing over things. lately it has been over stories, in whatever form they come to me. it's all i can think about, and my time revolves around finishing the story. i read a near 400 page novel in 2 days. i finished 7 seasons of gilmore girls in . . . hm, i'm not sure = 2 months maybe? okay, that one is shameful. but in all this, so far this hasn't interfered too much with my life. i just could be more productive. perhaps i'll phase out of it. but, so long as there's a good story to be told - i'm all ears!!

owen was eating lunch as normal today, when he put his hand up to his face and his pointer finger caught his nostrel. the look on his face was interest: what is this hole above my mouth that my finger can fit into? it was also curiosity: the hole stays there and i can keep putting my finger in it! and a little confusion: putting my little finger in too far doesn't feel that great and it makes my eyes water. a very amusing new discovery.

owen and i went for a walk and played outside this afternoon. we got out one of his warmer jackets and bundled him for the cold.


(stephanie adams) said...

woo! get in there little boy!

big hugs and kisses from auntie steph*

sands said...

best winter coat!

uncle sands & auntie daryl

Anonymous said...

What a nice winter jacket! he is truly growing up fast!

heather said...

i am exaaactly the same way - obsessing over books/stories...seriously, chris wants to kick my ass sometimes. it was funny to see you write that, because sometimes i feel...weird...haha, but the next time chris bugs me about that stuff i will just say "marcia does it!"