Tuesday, December 04, 2007

snow and singalongs

we've been hit with tons of snow! it's so beautiful outside now and the cold has suddenly obtained value - the keep the snow on the ground. Owen is intrigued by the new look of the outdoors, and while we were walking in the falling snow, he kept looking up and seemed amused that the snow would rest on him, or else chill his face.

we had a busy, accomplished and enjoyable day yesterday (i love when it can happen like that!). ben and i trekked to social security and i applied for owen's social security number so ry and i can file a tax amendment for owen for last year. then erin, lily, owen and i made our way downtown and had lunch with nain and poppa sam. we then wandered around some of the fun shops down there and brainstormed christmas gift ideas. owen and i arrived back at the house, tired and ready for his nap. he slept beautifully as always and i made tasty pesto-spinach lasagna for supper. Dave Warne and Ry had a show last night, so erin and i got a babysitter together then went out to hear some great music! It was a really fun day.

dave and ry were practicing for their show at our house, and owen woke up from his nap mid-practice. after his diaper change, he walked out of his room, into the living room with his eyes wide and mouth open; i think he was thrilled to have live music coming from his living room. he slowly made his way closer and closer, until he was right beside them. he was holding onto the couch when he started to rock out! he was moving his body back and forth so quickly, his bobbing along to the tunes. when he felt inclined, he belted out some notes too. it was quite hilarious.

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