Monday, December 10, 2007

new addition

Esme Theresa Lindwall (pronounced EZ-may) has graced our household with her tiny, innocent, beautiful being. Jen totally rocked the birth - she did it in 5 hours, and has been full of energy and spunk since. Ben is a constant support and caretaker to both. They are both so obviously in love with their little Esme. Ry and I feel so honoured to witness first hand, these new fabulous parents.

Ben and Jen had asked me to accompany them and support them through the labour and birth. I of course was honoured and ecstatic to be a part of the phenomenon of childbirth. As I said before, it was all over in 5 hours, much to all of our surprise! Jen was so focused and calm the whole time, and Ben was at her side, loving her up through it all. It was a beautiful time! We arrived at the hospital at 12:30am, Esme greeted the world at 3:23am, and the whole family arrived back at home at 8:30pm that night. Ha!

So this all went down late Thrusday evening, and early Friday morning. I would have had Lillian over to play on Friday, but Erin kept her so I could rest when Owen rested. Ry had classes and tutoring on Friday, which he hesitantly did as he had hardly slept the night before. He was home with Owen, but his mind was racing with curiosity and interest in what might be happening at the hospital.

Ry has been super busy with school these days. He's working on finishing up his courses and prepping for exams. He's working so hard! It'll all be over soon and we can rest, relax and enjoy the holidays together. We are all looking forward to that.

Owen has been acting a little differently since Esme's been around. He's no longer the only cute member of our household. He, of course, still receives much attention but there is now another who gets our "oos" and "aahs". However he is adjusting, and he's getting a little more brave about seeing who this little bundle of sweetness is.

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