Tuesday, September 01, 2009

oh procrastination

i've almost sat down a couple times to write a new post but the fact that so much time has past since my last update, the next post should be a doozy! This has caused me to not update and thus only further fester the current problem.

with that acknowledged, the point of this post will be to quick give an idea of what our 'now' looks like. when i'm on our home computer, and i have all the pictures at hand, i'll do a post of pics and let the pictures do most of the talking.

owen and i drove way out into the country on sunday and visited a friend's small family homestead. There was lots of space to run, beautiful flowers and vegetables to observe and envy, we took a hayride around the fields of tall grasses, wildflowers and corn, we climbed up to the tree house, we were amused by and imitated the chickens and roosters, and we pet and fed the horses. It was a good escape for both heart and mind. We arrived back home refreshed and happy, and owen carried along his 3rd tick of the season. Goodness, that poor child is apparently very delicious to those damn deer/wood ticks. Luckily his skin is so freckle- and mole-free that those ticks are easily discovered.

Ry has been working like crazy to wrap up his M.A. degree. He's nearly there! He has to do the oral component to his comprehensive exams (waiting for the profs to set that up), and he takes his German exam this Friday. His advisors have gone through his thesis so he just needs to get that finalized and bound (i think?). AND he starts teaching, he'll be an adjunct professor, next week. He will be teaching three classes, and they're all the same course. He is excited to be doing what he's been working so hard to do. He'll be a great professor. This does mean, though, that he won't get a break between his M.A. being finished and his work starting as an adjunct professor. Whew!

FallBall. fun fun fun. Ry's playing softball on Monday nights. Fun team, fun fans, fun to watch. Owen and I love going to the games to hang out with friends and to run around. Owen is a great cheerer, too. He loves shouting, "Nice job, dad!" He'll hear what we, the fans in the stands yell and then he'll shout it out, too. Pretty cute.

I am currently at work, writing here and there throughout my work day. I have been putting in three 8.5 hr days a week, but that's now going to drop to two 8.5 hr days a week. I'm changing my work days according to Ry's teaching schedule, so I'll be working Monday and Friday now. I'm really excited about this change. It will be good to be at home more! I can keep on top of house things with better ease, and I can get through my prep-for-baby list. And I just would rather be at home with Owen than in an office.

Granny is moving today. She is going to leave the house that she's lived in for 50+ years and move into a nice small place in Cannon Falls (where Ry's parents live). It will be a good transition for the family, and Granny seems to be doing well with the change. Ry is going to help out with that tonight. Me, in my prego state and with my almost 3 yr old boy, will be staying home so I will not be in the way.

So that's us right now. Busy and in transition. Enjoying the cool weather. Nesting into our home. Cooking fresh food from our garden or from the market across the street. Content and healthy.

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roger flyer said...

Love to hear the report. Love you all.
Nice photos!