Sunday, September 13, 2009


it's another july type september day. muggy and hot - here we go again; this has been our week lately, and i was informed this morning, that it's also our week to come. yick.

our day started by owen waking far too early for it to be okay for anyone's energy levels. But thankfully he settled down and went back to bed for a couple of hours. We had our usually Sunday breakfast: pancakes. we switch between thin swedish pancakes and regular fluffy wheat pancakes. this morning we hungrily and happily ate swedish pancakes. yum.

church: owen, for the past year, has happily gone into nursery after 'children's time' at the front of the church, with all the congregation's children. Last week and this week, he has strongly resisted going into nursery. Last week I stayed with him, hoping that he would settle in and remember how fun it is to play with all the toys that he only sees once a week. Last week he was very aware of my presence and made sure that i did everything with him and that i did not leave his side. This week, I handed him, very upset, to Megan the nursery coordinator and she took over for me and tried to calm him down. After about 10 minutes of me being in church, someone came to get us - he was still inconsolable in nursery. So Ry got him out, and he sat quietly with us in the sanctuary for the remainder of the service. poor guy - he was so worked up and sad.

This week was the started of adult and children education. Our church service runs till 10:45 then education hour starts at 11 and goes till noon. Owen will start a 'preschool' class; it begins with singing, then there's a fun class with 2 to 4 year olds. Owen has never been in a class setting before where one sits on a rug, listens to the teacher and follows instruction. I stayed with him the whole time (given his previous nursery experience) and he did wonderfully! he was very attentive to the teacher, he was not latchy to me, he did all the song actions, he held hands with the kids next to him, and he sat longer than most kids to complete his craft. It was fun to watch him engage and enjoy!

After church, to kick off the start of education week, there was a potluck. Owen did well, and he 'bonded' with a boy, Iver, who is 3 months older than he is. They played very together for at least an hour. They played tag, hide-and-seek (of sorts), they played the piano - it was great to see him make some major breakthroughs after having such a hard time in nursery earlier. I hope that he will remember his fun time with Iver, and that he liked his preschool class and perhaps he'll be excited about being at church next week.

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