Thursday, November 23, 2006

leaps and bounds

so much has happened since i last posted!

ben and jen arrived a number of days ago. right after they arrived we hopped into the car and drove to the eastern shore. it was an excellent weekend! it was the first time we had owen away for a weekend. we stayed with john and judith; they and their house was warm and welcoming, as usual. our time was so relaxing and great. And owen ate like never before and he grew a lot physically and mentally! he's smiling a lot now and loves keeping his own head up as long as he can, and he loves stretching his legs and 'standing'. He and his dad have a tongue trick that they play; owen doesn't play it with anyone else, and he's so excited when ry starts sticking his tongue out. owen then sticks his tongue out to mimick his dad! so very cute.

ben and jen are here until sunday; i'll post more when they're gone.

Here are some pictures of the growing boy, and of our time in nova scotia.

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Kira said...

That's a great little picture of Owen! He looks like you (Marcia) there.