Thursday, November 09, 2006

rain falling again

It's been rainy the past couple of days, but the air is so fresh and warm as result! It's been lovely walking under the umbrella, with owen snuggled on my front in the front-pack.

Ry and i are finally picking ourselves up after the whirlwind of new Owen has settled, and we've grown accustomed to life as it is now. Ry's been having a hard time working at home because he didn't really have a space to do his work. We had a desk, but no where for his 'work-essentials' to be. Rather, his books, and Greek and Hebrew flashcards had taken over our living room. BUT. On Monday we got up early, went to the store, and built shelves around the desk so everything Ry needs can be easily accessed when he's working at the desk. It feels really good to have that space defined now, and for Ry to have a study corner. It makes the rest of the room feel better, too.

Owen's night schedule has been the same for over a week now, so i think it's safe to call it consistent. After his 11 or 12 o'clock feeding, he sleeps for two 4hr stetches (feedings inbetween) before he's up and awake. So, we've been up between 8 and 9 lately, and this has been feeling really good. He's been awake nearly all morning, and thus I can't get much done besides hang out with him (and getting laundry done), but that's alright with me. When he naps, I busy myself with dishes, cleaning, baking, or whatever. He sometimes is been content enough and I can set him down and he's fine for a while, but I feel bad for just leaving him alone when he's so awake, and trying so hard to interact with the world. He loves holding his head up on his own, for as long as he is able, and he stretches out his legs to "stand" for a little while, too. This morning I didn't plan on doing anything but laundry, so Owen and hung out while Ry worked on one of the many book reviews he has to do. This afternoon we'll go grocery shopping, and we'll return the dishes of those who so kindly brought us meal in the first two weeks of Owen's life (yes, I know - way overdue on returning these!!).

Speaking of those things, I shall be off.

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