Wednesday, November 01, 2006

halloween babe

i was not at all prepared for october 31 to roll into town . . . we had no candy, we had no jack-o-lantern. luckily our apartment neighbour took care of the candy 'problem' by setting himself and a big bowl of candy, outside our house, so none of the trick or treaters came to our door. and luckily, heidi sent a little costum for owen so at least he could participate in the season.

here's our little horse-y! he was content in the costum for a little while, but then he began making uncomfortable faces and noises and getting impatient, so we put the pacifier in his mouth for the sake of getting some more picture. dear boy - what a good sport he is. and, of course, how cute is he?!

here's owen without a costume. he's getting big and looking older every day!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Owen's eyes are open!

tegs and i said...

marcia and ry, my heart fills with joy when i see owen. i feel the blessing from here