Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas is coming!

We put up our Christmas tree this past weekend! It's a lovely tree, and it looks great in our living room. I'd like to keep it forever. This is our tree, in all its glory.

It was especially fun fr me to be creating our own little family's Christmas traditions and memories. Currently, when I think about Christmas, what comes to mind are: the scent of that Christmas tree tin candle; the book that opens into a three-scene, 3-D nativity story; and the Boney M Christmas record, playing while we decorate the tree. These things are dear to me, and they come to my mind every time I think about Christmas. I like the idea that Ry and I are doing something totally new, that we'll be starting memories.

There's snow outside (only like 3 inches) and it's gotten bitter! It's a little warmer this afternoon, though, so we'll see if the snow remains much longer. Winter has arrived!

Owen and I have been fighting this weird cold. It comes and goes, it's more of a linger itch than anything else. But needless to say, it's thrown Owen off quite a bit. He isn't content for too long now, and he doesn't always want to eat even though he's hungry. But other than this, he's been growing and doing well.

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Emily Geertsema said...

Hi Marcia and Ry and Owen

I am going to be a faithful watcher of your blog!! Marcia your Christmas memories are just right. Watching the video of Owen, put tears in my eyes, you look great as a mom!!
Love Emily G.