Thursday, December 07, 2006

talking babe

Owen has really been enjoying talking while we talk, now. When he's happy he coos and sings along to our voices. It's really fun! He's already becoming such a fun little boy. He's growing so much! I've been having these realizations lately that seem so ordinary but to me they're epiphanies! For instance, Ry and I were talking about Owen is never going to stop growing and changing. In his 20s he'll basically be done 'growing' but he is going to be constantly changing, always. We'll never experience this stage again! I know, it's elementary knowledge, but it feels huge and revelatory to me. I've decided I need to become a sponge and soak everything in. Little Owen is becoming minutely bigger by the day. It's really exciting all the changes he is making and I'm so glad to be playing such a big role in this little guys life. I don't want to go back to when he was a newborn; I want to love every moment of his life and be ultra aware of every part of it.

Here's another video. Yes, we're loving that we can take short videos and show them to family and friends far away. We hope you enjoy them! While taking the video, I'm moving his legs around, which is why he's shifting like that.

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Emily said...

These videos are amazing, I now feel like I get to enjoy some of the precious moments you can. Marica how did you upload the video, My brother-inlaw was wondering because he can't seem to do it?