Saturday, December 23, 2006

a wet day

I can't believe it's the 23rd of December already! We've already had our Christmas celebration with my parents, and we received presents from Ry's family and we OPENED them already! haha, we just couldn't wait. Tomorrow night we go the Rouleau's for a Christmas Eve supper with them. On Christmas Day we're going to the Best's. Their daughter and son-in-law and granddaughter will the there as well. Eden, the baby girl, is only a couple days older than Owen! It will be fun to have him around and interacting with another little one.

Our day today has been enjoyable! After relaxing contently for while this morning, Owen had a bath. Afterward, I massaged him with this nice 'calming' baby oil and he loved it! I did it after his last bath, too, and it really puts him in a great, dare it be true, calm mood. All day, he's been excellently chilled out. Ry was singing to him for about 10 minutes, and the entire time, Owen was just smiling at him.

The past week we've put Owen into his crib for his naps. But I think that has confused his daytime / nighttime distinction. While my parents were here, Owen put in some of his best nights ever. But since they've left, he's been up 3-4 times a night, being quite awake! He hasn't done that since his first few weeks. So anyway, we're going to go back to Owen napping in the rooms we're in during the daytime, and when we want him to sleep through the night, he'll be in the bedroom. Hopefully that will make our nights easier.

In other positive, step-forward developments, Owen has been interacting with things lately, such as the hanging toys on his floor mat. He's also become a great self-soother and he can be layed down and he'll put himself to sleep. He can amuse himself when he's sitting alone in one of his little chairs/recliners. It's very helpful, and fun to see.

Ry has gone to the grocery store to get the items necessary for making Christmas treats. The festivities will start again! I'm excited.

I took these photos yesterday; i tried capturing his great smile, but he kept throwing his head back or to the side when he'd smile.


Anonymous said...

he's the cutest baby boy ever! the big smiling picture really reminds us of Ry!! So wonderful to see these pictures and to hear all that you and Owen are doing! love,nonny & taid

tegs and i said...

ahhhh (sigh) he is so beautiful, and so grown up! i have thought of your family this holiday. im glad to hear it has been good! lots of love, rachael andy tegan and bump

Anonymous said...

marcia he's so cute!

Emily Geertsema said...

Owen is such a happy baby!!!
He must have heard the exciting news that Daniel Schuler is getting married...April 7th. It might also be that he has two very amazing parents. We really enjoyed your video that was played on boxing day. Sending lots of hugs and love, Emily G.