Thursday, June 14, 2007

my cutie has an appetite!

Last week we spent a lovely day at the beach. It was fabulously sunny and warm, with a touch of a cool breeze every so often. It was heavenly. Owen napped in his stroller while we soaked in the sun's rays and ran along the sand and chatted the afternoon away.

Joel, Kate, Owen, Ry and I drove up together, we stopped in St George for some beach snacks, and we arrived and lazed around. Holli and Zoe showed up a bit later. It was a really nice time. Owen, once he woke up, enjoyed sitting in the sand, feeling it between his fingers, and, as he does with everything he can, put it in his mouth. He was a dirty little guy by the end of it! Since he loves "walking" while holding our hands for balance and securty, we walked him into the water. He didn't like this very much, but we just HAD to touch his skin to the ocean's salty goodness.

Since that warm day it has since cooled down, which is completely fine by me! I'm not one for heat anyway. We've just been doing day to day things, getting out for walks and garden time when we can. Ry is working and enjoying it, though he took an unplanned break for a couple days when he came home from his overnight shift with foodpoisoning. He's feeling nearly all better now, but it certainly was hard on his body.

Owen - dear little Owen. He seems to notice when Ry isn't home for the night. The 2 times Ry has been gone all night at work Owen has slept terribly; he woke up 3-4 times throughout the night and I end up just bringing him to bed with me because he won't settle down in his bed. He now moves around a lot and he'll twist and turn and roll around and he'll end up in a position that makes sleep impossible. Such a funny little guy. This past time he was sleeping with me, I woke up to a little boy looking at me, poking my eyes so I'd open them, and his little fingers trying to open my mouth. He loves tugging my bangs, too. He is very inquisitive, and growing more able all the time. And I'm rejoicing that he finally has taken to solid food! He now opens his mouth, moves it around in there, feet kicking, singing "mmm, mmm". Such a cutie. I think what got him into the solid food was the baby buscuits I gave him (ali calls them doggie biscuits). He loves using his hands, everything to Owen is a chew toy, so these buscuuts were perfect. After a couple of days of chewing and sucking these things, and inevitably ingesting some of it, he starting wanting solid food. Now I'm a happier mama :)

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